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Big O for collections April 8, 2013

Posted by javafoo in java, java interview.

Yes, if you claim 10+ years of java experience and fumble/fudge on Big O complexity for collections, you are out. So please understand/read up on that. Happened to me, could get all the design patterns, OOPs, architecture level questions right, but fumbled on big O and the interviewer was like mmm…ok then, I don’t have any more questions, see you. I so want to jump in a well, even I wouldn’t hire myself. No, a map does not have O(n) complexity, it has closer to O(1) complexity or more if there are collisions. See here:




1. Jake Radakovich - April 8, 2013

It’s sad. I use Java Collections all day, and I don’t think I could give you a definitive answer on the Big O of the various collections. Efficiency is important, but I normally don’t think of it in terms of Big O – just this implementation is faster than that implementation for this task.

javafoo - April 23, 2013

That is so true. It does make sense now when I read up on that, but when I was in undergrad doing datastructures and algorithms in class, this was sleep inducing stuff.

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