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hibernate mysql date ClassCastException September 27, 2006

Posted by javafoo in hibernate, javanotes, mysql, Uncategorized.

[java]     at org.hibernate.type.DateType.deepCopyNotNull(DateType.java)
[java]     at org.hibernate.type.NullableType.deepCopy(NullableType.java)

Does this look familiar. This happens when you define a java.util.Date field in the POJO and try to map it to a mysql ‘date’ datatype. This happens because a ‘date’ datatype represents only the date part and does not include the time part in mysql world, whereas java.util.Date is date+time. Although in Oracle and DB2 and probably other databases a date datatype is actually date+time. If the corresponding field is defined as a ‘datetime’ type in mysql then you should be fine. Also when using hibernate cfg doclet to create the database schemas do not explicitly say type=”date”, let reflection take care of it. Otherwise doclet will map it to date datatype for mysql, which will cause you this grief, leave it to doclet and it will correctly map it to datetime.



1. Thomas - February 15, 2008

One can use this reflection approach if it already has the bean class otherwise the schema generator won’t be able to figure out the mysql column type. Am I right ?
I’ve actually tried to avoid specifying the “type=date” and the schema
generator was looking for my bean class…

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