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Hello world! September 18, 2006

Posted by javafoo in javanotes.

That’s the way most of us started our first Java program.

Well I had a lot of “Hello World” moments with Java and seemed to be stuck in second gear for a couple of years. It was just something I had to know, since it was sort of the coolest thing since sliced bread. And friends and acquaintances who worked in Java technologies, looked down upon us lowly structured programming types. Then suddenly the company I worked for, decided to jump on the Java/J2EE bandwagon. All hell broke lose, there were rumours of downsizing us and only having a small maintenance team to manage the legacy system and employing new people to work on developing a new J2EE based system. There was downsizing, some of us were spared and even given an opportunity to upgrade ourselves. But there was a catch, there would be no formal training, we would have to prove our mettle by learning it on the job. So from ‘Hello World’, I was thrown at working on a full fledged J2EE system. I think that’s when we really learn and learn faster, under pressure. We were given step fatherly treatment for a while, the new J2EE kids on the block were the pampered ones. With the latest laptops, their xp programming, their uml diagrams and OO design patterns, we were in awe of these demi gods. But slowly, painfully things fell into place. A side effect of this was that there was not much time to really understand things or organize the knowledge.

Once the job pressure lightened or rather I learned to live with it, I decided to go to school for a Masters degree and I specialized in OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design). That helped a lot, gave me mandatory study time and the project/homework helped me to take a step back and really learn things.

About last year I had started this blog: Common Knowledge in Java which was, sort of a naiive attempt to document a few notes, observations, gripes, struggles, musings and experiences in my trysts with developing Java/J2EE applications, going through interviews in that field etc. This may be common,trivial knowledge, but I just created it to sort of act as a repository for me. If someone else finds it useful, good for them. If someone wants to belittle this or thinks, “well this is sort of basic, you should already know that”, good for them too. But remember, consciously or unconsciously there are times when we do things without thinking and miss out on something really basic. So this is what I am hoping to do, document some eureka moments of mine.



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